• Supply chain monitoring and analytics for construction

    Eliminate non-productive activities like looking for project information and prevent mistakes, rework and conflicts resulting from miscommunication.

Achieve complete project visibility

Interaction with your BIM model on the project dashboard within a web browser enables real-time construction progress monitoring and reporting, as well as performance analysis and visualization across the whole supply chain.

Realtime updates

Monitor and track your building asset status updates as soon as they happen

Interactive BIM

Visualize and analyze your building progress in 3D with customized filtering options

Custom workflows

Customize and control your project supply chain and logistics remotely

Instant reports

Configure and generate progress reports and summaries with one click

Tailor each project supply chain workflow

Create a detailed workflow by adding as many stages as required to get more information about your building asset’s status and history. Use this information to increase productivity of construction and efficiency of building operations processes.

  • Fabrication, Assembly and Dispatch
  • Shipping, Delivery and Warehousing
  • Site Delivery, Installation and Inspection
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Any stage before, between and beyond

A plug & play
modular system

Users get instant updates by having different parties involved
scan the element QR code upon completion of the stage
under their responsibility.
  • Fabrication & Dispatch
  • Shipping & Warehousing
  • Installation & Inspection
  • Any other stage of the prefabricated building elements set for progress tracking.

Suited for busy construction professionals

Eliminate risks

Keep a close eye on your progress to prevent cost escalation and delays

Remove inefficiencies

Drop manual rework and repetition caused by miscommunication and miscoordination

Avoid disputes

Prevent costly disputes and litigations with a historical record of all project events

Centralize information

Work off an always up-to-date single source of truth coordinated by all parties


Evaluate performance

Bring transparency and accountability to your project teams to increase productivity

Ensure reliability

Prevent data loss and maintain data security with cloud-based software

Simple to use

Easy to update

Quick to set up

Track remotely

Full asset traceability with historical information without physically being onsite

Operate smoothly

Compatible with your existing design-build workflows and processes

Communicate effectively

Instant progress coordination with all the project stakeholders in one place

Decide wisely

Make informed and timely decisions with real-time updates in 3D environment

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