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Clark International Airport Philippines

Located approximately 100km north of the Philippine capital Manila, Clark International Airport underwent an expansion project to accommodate additional 8 million passengers per annum. As part of the construction of the new 82,600 square meter Passenger Terminal Building, specialist contractors from Singapore relied on Geometrid to facilitate remote tracking of building elements from their sources in China to the building site in the Philippines.

Specialist Contractor

Jewel at Changi Airport Singapore

Nested in between Singapore Changi Airport’s three busy Terminals, the Jewel poses a significant logistical challenge when it comes to access and execution of construction work. Specialist contractors resorted to Geometrid’s granular progress monitoring functionalities to ensure just-in-time delivery and smooth execution, given that there was a very limited timeslot per day to perform maintenance and improvement works on the iconic building envelope.

Specialist Contractor

SGA Facebook Data Centre Singapore

Designed as one of the most advanced and energy-efficient data center facilities across the world, this is the first of Facebook’s fifteen global data centers built in the Asia Pacific region. To oversee the journey from production to installation of large quantities of different building element assemblies under their scope, local specialist contractors are using Geometrid to establish a tracking system robust enough to cater to this complexity.

Specialist Contractor

Six Battery Road Building Singapore

The former Standard Chartered Bank Building was set out to undergo upgrading, starting with a podium block and a linkway to connect Singapore River to Raffles Place as the center of the Singapore business district. The enhanced podium block involves a complex steel structure with an integrated façade system, consisting of several layers of building elements being monitored on Geometrid BIM from source to site to ensure timely project delivery.

Specialist Contractor

Changi Terminal 2 Expansion Singapore

Expansion works at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 include renovation of departure, arrival, baggage claim, and transit halls, as well as the construction of a new EBS system. Building envelope construction of both, existing and new structures, depends on complex supply chains, and specialist contractors are using Geometrid to monitor overall progress and locate curtain wall assemblies at different stages within their supply network.

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